The CeeLuxe Story

CeeLuxe Beauty was founded in 2018 by a 2nd year uni student who recognised the gap in the market of accessible dramatic lashes and flexibility of customising them to suit her preferences. The hair shops around her only sold cheap, low quality lashes that were uncomfortable on nights out, ripped after one wear and would lack grip. Additionally, quality lashes were all abroad and would take weeks to arrive and as a spontaneous student, she wanted to look glammed without having to wait lengthy delivery times. 

The Solution

She began to research the manufacturing of lashes, watching videos from Lilly Ghalichi and wholesale factories in Korea and China showing their process of hand-made lashes. She reached out to her first supplier who provided samples of individual Korean PBT synthetic premium Faux mink clusters and synthetic silk fibers and began customising her own bespoke faux mink lashes. Her university friends complimented her and she received many questions online about where she got her lashes from as 25mm was not popular at the time. She finally stepped out of her comfort zone and began selling hand-made lashes and began to expand with different lash materials and lengths, doing home deliveries all over Nottingham. She recognised that humans are so unique, especially our eyes shapes and lash companies should provide an option for lashes to be customised i.e 

  • shortened down 

  • shortened the band length 

  • mm of gaps in the lash hairs 

  • colour of lash hairs

When choosing the variety of styles she ensured all lashes will suit every eye shape, making sure her customers with smaller eyes can have dramatic lashes that are light on the eyes or customers with bigger eyes can wear natural lashes that are still noticeable. Her unique selling point was offering bespoke lashes for all ! 

Her lashes were high quality and could be reusable up 30-40x with good aftercare. MUAs also have the benefit of buying in bulk for an affordable price with her MUA40 discount.

Unique Packaging

Studying Design graphics for GCSE and Design Technology A-levels she has always had a passion for art and creativity in technology. Lash boxes in the market were all simply squared shape and when expanding her business she revamped and selected diamond shaped marble and pink glitter boxes that look glamorous on dressing tables. Her logo reflected the idea of luxury with a modelesque face, bright blonde hair on tanned skin as darker skin images were not reflected in the beauty industry. Every product from the Lash boxes to the Lash Cleansers reflect art, luxury and creativity so her customers can take pride in receiving products that are timeless and high quality.